How Our Favorite Characters Would Help Us Through Tough Times

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Mass Effect – Citadel

I play games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age for a lot of reasons, but I have to admit–one of those reasons is that I just can’t get enough of the characters. It’s like having a crew of good friends at hand every time you load up a game.

So when I saw this Tumblr post by user elfgirl931, I just about squealed. If I were having a bad day, I’d love to have the support of my friends on the Normandy–especially if they were as supportive as she’s written them:

  • Garrus would slide you your favorite drink and sit down next to you. “I don’t know how it is for humans, but I think everyone in the galaxy feels like giving up once in a while. Just don’t forget that we’re all here with you.”
  • Tali would just sit with you for a while, maybe holding your hand. Quarians aren’t much for wasting their words when only some silent support would do. After a while she might get you a blanket and turn on a movie for you, because that’s always what helped her when she was sad.

The rest of the team is up at the link.

The post got me thinking, too. How would my other favorite game character offer their support in difficult times?

  • Geralt of Rivia walks through the woods, trying to work out what the problem is by listing the different monsters he thinks might be causing you trouble. “Is it a bruxa? I’ve dealt with them before. They’re beautiful, sure, but they aren’t worth the lost sleep.” It isn’t much help, but at least he takes your mind off things.
  • Chloe Price lights her cigarette, then half-heartedly offers it to you. “Stop being so hard on yourself. Yeah, the rest of the world sucks. But we’re both here, right? You can figure the rest out. You always do – you’re better at that kind of crap than you think.” Before you can start taking her too seriously, she gives you a playful shove.
  • Leliana makes some quiet inquiries to find out if the thing that troubles you is something she can have dealt with. Once she realizes that assassination isn’t the answer, she finds a moment to sit down with you in the garden. She speaks of faith. She doesn’t push anything on you, but she wants you to remember that there is always hope in this world.

Now, how about yours? Have any supportive video game headcanons to share with us on Facebook or Twitter?

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