Sharing Stories to Fight Stigma at ‘Let’s Talk Mental Health’

Image source: Instagram

Image source: Instagram

I don’t need to tell you that sharing our stories is helpful–Take This supporters are well aware. Fighting stigma is a big job, though, and it’s going to require all hands on deck, so it’s great to see a new project launch that aims to get people talking.

Let’s Talk About Mental Health is a compilation of individual stories. Tales of survival that touch on depression, abuse, eating disorders and all the issues that we struggle with. You can tell your own story and read those of others at the project’s website, or take in the striking imagery on Instagram.

It’s an offshoot of the 12 Kinds of Kindness project by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman. The pair spent the past year taking steps toward being kinder, more empathetic people, and part of that was sharing their own struggles. That inspired them to take a shot at the stigma that keeps us from talking about our own issues with Let’s Talk.

We’ll let Walsh explain the impetus in her own words:

Like many others, I almost died as a result of these stigmas. I was afraid to tell anyone what I was going through, and suffered in silence until it was almost too late. I hope in our generation we can move towards ending the stigma and shame around mental health issues, and I hope to contribute to this movement even if it’s in a small way.

Isn’t it crazy that it’s socially acceptable to go to the gym to strengthen our bodies, or go to the dentist to maintain the health of our teeth, yet there is still stigma around going to a therapist to strengthen our minds, when the brain is one of the most vital organs relating to our quality of life? Why is it we can take medications to fix imbalances in our blood, yet there is still stigma attached to taking medicine for a chemical imbalances in our brains? What can I do to help end these stigmas?

That question led Walsh and Goodman to create a platform to explore the issues with personal stories from people everywhere. If you want to contribute, you can visit the project’s website.

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