Starting Your Week With Courage

This one's for anyone with great hardship ahead. A small gesture of support. Good luck.

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If you have a difficult week ahead of you, there’s only one way to tackle it: as best you can. But if you need a little help screwing up your courage, here are some great tips.

Not-helpful fear, on the other hand, makes us hesitate rather than bolt. We are afraid of looking stupid, and so we don’t ask a burning question. We fear failing, and so we don’t even try. Years ago, I was terribly afraid to make a desperately desired career change. I wasn’t happy, but my current job brought me a lot of security. What if I couldn’t make it in my new field? I waffled—hesitated—for more than a year before making the leap into a new profession. My fear was unfounded. I was immediately far happier and just as successful as I had been in my old job. I wished I’d had the courage to make the change sooner.

The key is knowing the difference between legitimate and not-helpful fear. Do you have the desire to get the heck out of whatever situation is making you fearful? If so, your fear is likely legitimate. Run like the wind, my friend.

But if your fear is making you hesitate, consider that your fear is unfounded. Take a deep breath, and make the leap.


And how do you make that leap? Planning helps, as does reframing your fearful thoughts. The full article on Univeristy of California, Berkeley’s Greater Good blog lays out the whole plan.

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