This Makeup Tutorial Helps You Find the Right Shades of Depression

Comedian and YouTube vlogger Amy Geliebter doesn’t film a lot of makeup tutorials, but she made an exception to share the perfect look for those days you don’t want to get out of bed (but still have the energy to do your eyebrows).

Start with a foundation that’s nice and rocky, and emotionally unstable, and work your way up to a lipstick in the shade of ‘Just Smile More.’ Along the way, Geliebter tackles some of the most irritating things about being depressed with good humor.

This isn’t the only time she’s touched on the subject of mental health. Earlier this year she filmed a video about fighting her depression, breaking down all the things that get her through depressive episodes.

Most of her suggestions are practical and widely applicable, but it’s the last one that I really want to find a way to implement in my own life. I’m not sure where I’ll find literally ten thousand puppies to play with, but what a wonderful world that would be.

[via HelloGiggles]
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