‘My Girl’ is a 10-Page Exploration of Dreams, Reality and Mental Health

my girl

My Girl is a new comic by cartoonist Sophia Foster-Dimino that explores fantasy, reality, and the distance between what we dream about and what we are willing to achieve. Foster-Dimino was interviewed by Okey-Panky, the online magazine that published the comic. She spoke about a few of the possible interpretations of her comic.

The tension comes from the speaker having based her life around these outré fantasy scenarios but when the time comes for her to actually move forward with a real possibility she finds herself paralyzed. It does seem very simple and easy, and that compounds the frustration.

Our thought patterns shape our behavior and the way we experience the world—depending on how you adjust your expectations and attitude, the same life event can be tragic or comedic or sordid or poignant or warm or disorienting.

I often make an analogy between someone’s mind and a home. You have to live every day in your mind and you upkeep it as you would a house—tidying the corners, throwing out the garbage, putting flowers on the windowsill. When you enter into a relationship with someone it’s like inviting them into your home, and you can greet them with a tray of hors d’oeuvres or you could come up empty handed, and they’ll feel welcome or rejected depending on how you act.


Take the time to give the full comic a look – it’s a fascinating read.

[My Girl]
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