‘The Face of PTSD’ Will Tell Veterans’ Stories to Tear Down Stereotypes

The Face of PTSD Indiegogo Trailer from Malka MG on Vimeo.

A new documentary aims to show the reality of life with PTSD for veterans across America, a situation that too often involves dealing with stereotypes of violence and unpredictable danger.

The Face of PTSD wants to help break down those stereotypes and show what veterans go through to heal from their traumatic experiences. Director Derek Brown spoke to MilitaryTimes about the need for his film.

“We believe that the mainstream media has chosen to go with stories that have shock value, rather than telling the stories of veterans who deal with the disorder but still lead highly productive lives,” said Derek Brown, director of “The Face of PTSD,” now in preproduction.

“This has created a mischaracterization of those with the disorder as violent, abusive, or addicted. We will show how that mischaracterization is a leading cause for veterans not seeking treatment, and thus further perpetuating the problem.”


Brown also wants to show the ways veterans are able to manage PTSD, and even overcome it, hopefully helping break down the stigma surrounding veterans’ mental health issues.

The film’s Indiegogo campaign describes what its creators hope to achieve–education, yes, but also inspiration.

With The Face of PTSD we’re trying to bring a documentary to the world that looks at the problems our mentally ill veterans face in getting diagnosed, treated, and supported. We want to show how demonizing those already beset by demons is part of the larger problem which plagues our society.

But most of all, we want to show people that there is hope. Hope for a good, productive life. Hope for a respite from the terror endemic to PTSD. Hope for support from those who understand that PTSD is not the defining characteristic of the sufferer, but just one part of the whole of their life. Lives that will hopefully be long, and fruitful, as they and our society as a whole learn to deal with this illness.

In this way, the team also hopes to reach veterans who may be unwilling to seek treatment. It’s rallying support under the hashtag #treatmentNOTjudgement as it continues its campaign for both funding and awareness.

[The Face of PTSD]
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