This Sweet Animated Short Tells a Tale of Anxiety, Intrusive Thoughts, and Love

Erika & Anju from Clara Horst on Vimeo.

Content Warning: Film contains some violent imagery.

CalArts student Clara Horst put together this semi-autobiographical short film for her second-year film project and was kind enough to share it with the world. Not only is it the sweetest little love story–anyone who’s dealt with violent intrusive thoughts will also recognize the struggle its main character goes through.

Intrusive thoughts are totally normal–most of us have them from time to time. They can also come along with obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Mindfulness is one popular approach for dealing with intrusive thoughts–simply noting them, accepting them and recognizing that they don’t need to be acted on can take away a lot of their power–but if intrusive thoughts have a negative impact on your life, talking to a mental health professional is a good place to start.

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