Dealing With ADHD? Here’s Why You May Want to Gamify Your Life

Everyone has trouble with intrinsic motivation once in a while — there’s always some task that needs doing that just isn’t inherently rewarding enough to feel worthwhile. For people with ADHD, intrinsic motivation can be a lot tougher, and it can be difficult to find external motivation all the time.

Enter gamification. Jessica McCabe, whose How to ADHD YouTube channel is an invaluable resource for ADHD-related life skills, shares a few ways gamification can make life with ADHD easier by providing the boost of external motivation you might need to get things done.

She brings up Zombies, Run!, Epic Win, Superbetter, Pokemon Go, and Habitica — with a nod to the Habitica Take This challenge series topping the list off.

You may also be especially interested in the previous How to ADHD video, which explains why it can be so easy to focus on video games when focusing on anything else is so hard.

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