This Upcoming Romantic Visual Novel Has a Clinically Depressed Protaganist

Romance novels and games have become a lot more diverse in the last few years, so if you want to read a book or play a game that includes someone like yourself, it’s getting easier — assuming you’re neurotypical, able-bodied, and mentally and physically healthy. For the rest of us, the selection is a bit slimmer.

Slowly but surely, though, representation is improving across the board, and Talk To Me looks like it’s going to help things along. Written by romance novelist L. M. Langley, it’s a romantic visual novel with a clinically depressed lead. That lead, Ordell, has decided to do his best to meet someone and try to make a connection (romantic or otherwise), and that’s where we come in. We’ll help guide Ordell to that connection — or try, at least, to find a happy ending among the 20 or so the game has to offer.

Here’s what its creators have to say about the game’s themes:

The entire game is from the perspective of a clinically depressed character and as such, it’s often difficult for him to make clear-headed choices.

At the same time, the main character is looking for a connection with someone — whether that connection is romantic or not is up to the player to decide.

The game also deals with themes such as grief, sexuality and identity.

Regardless of the character you choose to pursue, the game includes an LGBTQ+ storyline that is integral to the game. This project also deals with heavy topics.

The game addresses issues such as mental health, sexuality and domestic violence, among other things.

Talk to Me is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. If you’d like to take a closer look, its demo offers a taste of a couple of Ordell’s potential relationships.

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