Why Spark is the Pokemon Team Leader We Need


It’s been less than a week since the Pokemon Go team leaders were officially revealed at San Diego Comic-Con, and already the Internet has given them complete personalities, relationships, dreams and desires. Blanche, Team Mystic’s leader, is cool, calm and collected. Candela, Team Valor’s leader, is strong and passionate. And Spark, Team Instinct’s leader is, well…


Let’s just say Spark is endearing, as befits his team of underdogs.

But while Tumblr and Twitter initially declared Spark a total memelord dork, another narrative has emerged since. Spark may be over-enthusiastic, but he’s got a lot going for him.

He wants to motivate you:


He accepts everyone, no matter how insignificant:


He believes in you right from the start:


He never gives up on anyone:

He’s not worried about winning, he’s just glad you came out to play:

He’s got you when you’re down:


And he knows you’re going to be just fine — but he’s not about to push you before you’re ready.


Sure, most people aren’t on Team Instinct. My colleagues are happily representing Valor and Mystic. But we could all use a friend like Spark, no matter if we pledge our allegiance to Red, Blue or Yellow.

And honestly? Spark doesn’t care if you’re not on his team. He loves you just as much.

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