Sweaty Palms is a Comic Anthology about Anxiety

We share comics about mental health issues like anxiety and depression from time to time, but if you want a much, much larger dose, you might want to take a look at the Sweaty Palms Anthology. With 350+ pages of anxiety-related comics, you’re pretty likely to find a lot to relate to and a lot to enjoy.

50 artists are participating in the anthology, sharing autobiographical stories of their own experiences with anxiety.

Here’s what its creators, Liz Enright and Sage Coffey, have to say about it:

This anthology is our way of helping to destigmatize mental illness. As cartoonists, we can’t think of a better medium for the job! Visual storytelling gives a face to abstract things, like anxiety, which can be very difficult or painful to convey otherwise. It is our hope that readers will connect with the stories and know that they aren’t alone.

They’ve also shared a few previews on the anthology’s Tumblr.




The project is up on Kickstarter now, and it looks like it’s already well on its way to meeting its goal. The PDF is expected to be out later this year, and the book is planned for early 2017. Make sure to check out all the excerpts on offer — it looks like there’s some good stuff in there.

[Sweaty Palms Anthology]
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