‘To The Moon’ Is Getting a Mobile Remaster and a Sequel Next Year

Have you played To The Moon? It’s a beautiful game. It tells the story of two doctors who help make dying wishes come true, exploring lives to build memories that allow their patience to die without regrets.

In the process, it also provides an intimate look at the lives of two women coping with autism, in a portrayal that’s generally considered much more sensitive than most. As Laura Kate wrote for Indie Haven back in 2013, it can also be applauded for providing much-needed representation of the different ways women experience autism spectrum disorder:

I’m told that I don’t act Autistic enough to have Aspergers and that I clearly don’t have anything wrong with me because they’ve never noticed anything before. Is it so hard to believe that someone could learn to bluff their way through a conversation like a poker player? Is it impossible to imagine that with enough plotting of social flow charts alone in their room someone might be able to learn when to say enough to keep a conversation going, while terrified on the inside that they’re about to say the wrong thing and completely ruin a social situation? I spend half my life hiding myself behind a social construct and making it look effortless, meaning that I somehow lose my right in other peoples eyes to occasionally need to get my headphones on, play my favourite song on loop while rocking back on the floor to calm down. Somehow that avenue of venting my anxiety is no longer something I’m allowed to do, because I’m too good at acting okay even I feel fundamentally broken.

This is why Isabell’s inclusion in TTM is so vital, it provides that balance and explains something that is all too often ignored by the world at large. There are people all around with Aspergers that manage their condition incredibly well on the surface, but you’d never know it because the only time the condition is visible is when people are outwardly doing things considered abnormal, not when the person struggles along and deals with things privately in a very controlled manner.

If you haven’t played it yet, or you want to go back for another look, its creators at Freebird Games have just shared some great news: To The Moon will be remastered and rereleased on iOS and Android next year. It’s looking gorgeous.

Freebird Games also confirmed that the sequel, Finding Paradise, will be out next year. We know very little about it beyond what’s shown in the trailer above, but given the success of the original, we’re excited to see what comes next.

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