‘Empathy’ Is an Upcoming Game About Saving The World Through Other People’s Emotions

From what we know about Empathy, the world is ending, and it’s going to take an understanding of others’ emotions and memories to make sense of the cause — and put it to rights.

Here’s how Empathy’s creators at Pixel Night describe the game:

Blinking against the light, you step into a world that seems broken apart, almost dead… Yet there is a pulse, beating faintly in the back of your mind. What has happened in this place, where the people are gone and their memories echo in the silence? Where emotions appear as physical things, hanging in the air, just waiting for someone to reach out…

Empathy is a first-person, action adventure game with a strong focus on storytelling and exploration. Players will find themselves in a surreal world, made from people’s emotions and memories, which they can manipulate and explore. Those lost memories are the key to rebuilding the crumbling world back to its former state, discovering its mysterious past and halting the impending apocalypse. Through its innovative narrative mechanics the game will challenge the player to explore and gain an understanding of the weird world they are traveling through.

It sounds (and looks) intriguing. We’ll know more in Q1 2017, when Empathy is expected to release on Steam.

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