Take a Moment of Mindful Calm in ‘Sacramento’

Next time you want to relax at your desk for a few minutes, consider skipping past Reddit and Twitter and popping over to itch.io, where you’ll find the absolutely gorgeous Sacramento.

Once you load it up, you’ll find the calm music of Glass Body keeping you company while you explore a world created from the watercolor sketches of creator Delphine Fourneau. It’s a peaceful experience that only lasts a few minutes, encouraging you to be present in its brief moments.

Here’s how Fourneau describes the experience:

Sacramento is a game about capturing fleeting memories before they fade. You’ll wander through an ephemeral and uncanny landscape, flashback of moments I gathered on sketchbooks over the years.

Drift aimlessly across time & space, enjoy the quiet while it lasts as life will soon resume its course.

Wandering through digital spaces can be calming, and Sacramento may be more calming than most.

Sacramento is available for any price you want to pay on itch.io.
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