Messages of Hope from World Mental Health Day

Monday, October 10th was World Mental Health Day. To mark the day, we asked Take This supporters to share their own messages of hope with the hashtag #IAmNotAlone, to show us all that we have each other.

We’ve gathered a few of those messages here. It’s great to see how many of you made the message your own. Some people chose to post videos or text posts instead of selfies, some people weren’t comfortable with the “I am” phrasing, but everyone wanted to share their stories and let their followers know that they weren’t alone — and that’s what really matters.

Several members of the Take This team also joined in, including co-executive director, whose video is up top.

Here’s our co-founder and executive director:

There’s also your humble website editor:

Our clinical director with his father:

And our operations director, general counsel.

Thank you to everyone who contributed. It’s dangerous to go alone, and now more of us know that we’re among friends.

If you’d like to support the Take This mission, there are several ways to help, including donations, volunteering, sharing your own story, and amplifying our message on Twitter or Facebook.

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