Weekly INT Boost – Gift Guides and Therapy Pigs

Photo by Linh Nguyen

Photo by Linh Nguyen

Welcome to our roundup of the best mental health-related articles you may have missed. This week, we have a look back at a very person game, a gift guide for mental health causes, and SFO’s newest therapy animal.

Content warning: mention of suicide.

Revisiting Cibele: Playing with the connections we create through tech

“While they may appear to some to be a means of locking ourselves away from the “real world,” we constantly strive, as social beings, to create those personal connections through our technology, and in some ways find new connections that many of us, especially the shy and nervous, have trouble making. Cibele is a celebration of those connections, made for good or ill — the ethernet cables that connect to the human heart.”

Gamasutra takes an in-depth look at a fascinating game about the good and bad of the bonds we make online.

Rocked by suicides, Palo Alto high schools want to make mental health care as normal as eating breakfast

In this Silicon Valley town that has experienced too many teen suicides, the schools are trying to make mental health services as normal as eating breakfast or taking medicine for a physical ailment. At the wellness centers, students can visit a nurse, see a counselor, or just relax with a granola bar or cup of tea.

PRI reports on how a city coping with a teen suicide crisis makes mental health a priority.

The Mighty’s gift guide for giving back to the mental health community

“Tis the season to be giving gifts, but just because you’re shopping for your family and friends doesn’t mean you can’t support the mental health community too. Here are 10 companies which feature either products created by people living with mental illnesses or use part of their proceeds to support mental health causes.”

If you need some holiday shopping inspiration, The Mighty has a great collection of suggestions. And might we recommend a Box of Hope if you know someone who might benefit from having one?

Lilou is San Francisco International Airport’s newest therapy animal. Check out the otherwise canine-heavy Wag Brigade for a smile.

And with that, the weekend is here. We’re off till Monday, when we’ll be back with more stories about games, geekery and mental health. Until then, take care of yourselves — and each other.

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