Check Out This Clever DIY Mood Tracker

We’re big fans of mood tracking here at Take This. It’s a habit we encouraged thousands of Habitica users to take up last year, because knowing your moods is the first step in a journey to understanding and improving them. There are a lot of ways to keep track, including journals, apps and spreadsheets. But if you haven’t already settled into a regular habit of mood tracking, this DIY mood tracker might be just what you need.

Shared by @TheLifeofKale on Twitter, this single page mood tracker effectively covers the whole year. A few moments’ effort every day will give you an overview of your mood at a glance. And it would be right at home in your bullet journal, too — just start a new page, grid it off, and you’re ready to go.

If you want to go deeper into mood tracking, it can be helpful to keep track of factors like exercise and sleep, too, and to check in more than once a day. But some information is vastly better than none, and there’s a lot to be said for the simplicity of Kale’s sister’s tracker. With it, negative moods are just one more color in the picture you’re creating. And if your mood is staying uniformly in the negative end of the color spectrum, that could be a good prompt to talk to someone.

Plus, there are lots of ways to customize it to meet your own needs. Lay the colors out on a traditional spectrum for an at-a-glance mood temperature check. Use a white board if you need a visual reminder to check in. Add an icon legend to track other factors. Try not to make it so overwhelming that you won’t have the energy to fill it out on the bad days, but otherwise your creativity is the only limit.

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