‘Soar: Tree of Life’ is a Relaxation Game from the UK’s Channel 4

When you want to unwind with a game, there’s something to be said for simple, relaxing experiences that you can slip into without much trouble. Soar: Tree of Life seems like one of those games.

Within a few moments, it has you soaring peacefully through the sky, igniting glowing rings to bring vivid color back to a graying world. While you fly, you’re accompanied by uplifting music. It’s a little like Flower, but on your phone and in virtual reality.

Soar was created by All4Games, the game publishing branch of Channel 4, and eLearning Studios. They suggest that Soar can improve focus and reduce anxiety while lowering blood pressure and heart rate — but that’s not a claim we’ve seen supported by research. According to eLearning Studios, “People were wowed not only by its beauty, tranquility and its ease of play, but by its ability to relax the mind and body leaving you with a sense of calm and wellbeing.”

Thankfully, we don’t need to take their word for it. If you’re interested, give Soar’s free trial a look. It’s available on iOS and Android now, and is coming to the Oculus Gear VR store soon.

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