Catch Dr. B Talking Take This, Stigma, and Nerd Life on ‘Our Fractured Minds’

In this episode of the Our Fractured Minds podcast, our very own Dr. B, Raffael Boccamazzo, sits down with host Jeff Renoe to talk about some very important (and some not-so important) subjects:

  • What brought Dr. B to Take This
  • Why neither of them watch The Big Bang Theory
  • The healing power of fantasy
  • The fight to destigmatize not just mental health issues, but also mental health professionals
  • The great experiences people have with the AFK Room
  • How society and the system can better support people who need mental health treatment

They somehow manage to pack all that and more into a 29-minute conversation, so you definitely won’t want to miss it.

You can find more fascinating conversations about mental health issues, often with people who cope with them, at Our Fractured Minds.

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