Five Animators Talk Burnout in Game Development on A Keyframe of Mind

Content warning: Strong language; Discussion of suicide and addiction.

Burnout hits creatives a lot, especially when crunch hours come into the picture. A few weeks ago, game development podcast A Keyframe of Mind broached the issue of burnout with people who’ve been through it.

Five animators — hosts Katie Better, Esther Ko, Jenny Son, Ju Li K, and special guest Jessie Lam — sit down to talk about how they experience burnout, how they manage it, and mantras that can help. They get into issues that are unique to games and creative industries, like being unable to talk about issues because of NDAs and the pain of having your hard-fought project cancelled. And layoffs. So many layoffs.

It’s a beautifully honest conversation between friends, one that’s very enlightening about the challenges of game development. If you’re wondering how you can refill your hearts, take a long rest and let your spell slots recharge, and otherwise replenish your HP, they’ve got you covered.

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