In This Talk, Dr. Jennifer Hazel Explores the Ways Mental Health and Game Development Practices Interact

Source: Invent a Game, Reinvent Yourself, GDC 2017

When CheckPoint’s Dr. Jennifer Hazel spoke at GDC earlier this year, she was joined by Joshua Boggs, creator of the critically-acclaimed Framed. Boggs was there to talk about his own experiences with depression and alcohol abuse while developing his game. Dr. Hazel was there to help her audience understand how Boggs’ experience was common, and how acknowledging that can make all of us healthier or happier.

She also offers researched-back strategies for dealing with similarly common difficulties, like automatic negative thoughts, stress and mental health issues in the workplace, and several others. It’s a great talk, so head on over to the GDC Vault, where Invent a Game, Reinvent Yourself is available to watch for free.

CheckPoint is also producing a web series on mental health in the game industry, which you can learn more about at the organization’s website.

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