A Therapist Explains What Makes a Good Therapist

Looking for a therapist is a huge step, so it can be tempting to just stick with the first one you find – or at least the first one that doesn’t raise any big red flags.

Our experts have some thoughts on how you can find a therapist and how to look for a good fit, but what about after you’ve started the process? The therapeutic relationship isn’t set in stone just because you’ve attended a few sessions — there are definitely situations where you can and should make a change if you need to, so it’s vital to make sure you’re getting what you need.

Kati Morton is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and is also a YouTube star in her own right. In this video, she breaks down 6 major positive things to pay attention to when you’re seeing a therapist.

Here’s the run down, with more information in the video above.

1. You feel like you are on the same team and that they are trustworthy.

2. Healthy boundaries!

3. Your therapist is a clear communicator.

4. They can help thoughtfully explain and help you understand all that you are feeling.

5. Works with you to develop a clear treatment plan.

6. They clearly communicate progress being made and check into see that you agree.

Remember, these are general points – you might have a therapist who fits really well for you who doesn’t perfectly fit all the points Kati covers. But it’s never a bad idea to consider what you need from your therapy experience, and what may be missing for you.

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