Humble Grove’s ’29’ Will Release for Free on November 29

We’ve been watching Humble Grove’s 29 as it makes its way toward release, and now we know when that will be: November 29, 2017. And as if a release date weren’t exciting enough, its creators have also announced that 29 will be free on Steam and

As Waypoint reported earlier this year, 29 takes a personal look at social anxiety as it impacts two semi-autobiographical roommates, Bo and Ao, stand ins for developers Tom Davison and Hana Lee. Their real-life struggles moving forward through their lives are being captured in a series of magical point-and-click chapters.

Here’s the game’s description:

29 acts as the first chapter in a series titled No Longer Home: a magical realist point and click game that follows the personal experiences of Bo and Ao: two graduates preparing to move out of their flat.

Wander through an intimate flat, examining the everyday belongings of the Bo and Ao; delve into their thoughts and insights, and mould your interpretation of the characters through branching, multiple-choice dialogue. Have BBQs, play video games and stay up late, just talking in bed.


If that slice of life sounds like your cup of tea, mark down November 29th and consider wishlisting 29 on Steam.

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