Watch Jordan Raskopoulos Demolish the Idea that Confidence and Anxiety Can’t Coexist

It’s an understatement to say that Jordan Raskopoulos is comfortable on stage. She’s an outspoken comedian and lead singer of The Axis of Awesome, so stage fright would be something of a hindrance. Because of that, people tend to assume that she’s also outgoing in all parts of her life — and in this TED talk, she explains how very wrong that assumption is.

When it comes to anxiety, we tend to make a lot of assumptions about attitude and self-confidence. Raskopoulos does an amazing job of illustrating why that’s dangerous, especially when we won’t accommodate someone’s needs in one area just because they excel in another. Success in one area of your life doesn’t mean your anxiety or mental health issues don’t count, but because that assumption is out there, it can mean you need to fight a little harder for acknowledgment.

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