Gamers With Jobs Discuss Mental Health in Games

In last week’s Gamers With Jobs Conference Call, hosts Amanda Knowlton and Karla Andrich were joined by Kate Craig from Fullbright. Together, they delve into fun stuff like the games they’re playing, and heavy stuff, like mental health issues.

They talk about mental health representation in Tacoma, Fullbright’s newest game, as well as their own experiences and the games they’ve played that have handled the topic. There’s also a shoutout to Take This (thanks, Gamers With Jobs!).

It’s a great listen, so head on over. If you only want to hear the mental health talk, skip to about 23 minutes in, but the whole chat is fantastic.

They also highlight this Gamers With Jobs thread full of calming games and audio, which many of us could probably use right now.

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