This Artist’s Pigeons Make Us Feel Less Alone

If you need a reminder that you’re not alone, swing by Instagram to check out the many pigeon-filled creations of artist Chuck Mullin. Mullin illustrates comics filled with pigeons to share her thoughts on mental health, anxiety and self-care.

Earlier this year, she spoke to The Mighty about her pigeon predilections:

“It’s mainly as a coping method, a way to express my feelings in a constructive manner,” the London-based illustrator shared. “Having anxiety means I struggle to vocalize what I feel sometimes, so if I draw something about it, I feel liked I’ve vented in a relatively healthy manner.”

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In the process of creating these comics, Mullin has built a thousands-strong community of people who know they’re not alone because of her work.

recharging ✨ #pigeons #anxiety #mentalhealth

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You can find Mullin’s work on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Etsy .

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