Missed Out on TwitchCon? You Don’t Have to Miss This Exceptional Panel

Last weekend at TwitchCon, Take This clinical director Dr. B joined a an amazing panel of folks there to talk about building supportive communities for mental health and suicide prevention on Twitch. The panel included Sheri Klein, VP, campaign development at the Ad Council; MissKyliee, a wonderful streamer who’s been a big supporter of Take This; Dayeanne Hutton, the voice actor who plays Kate Marsh Life is Strange; and Christine Moutier, chief medical officer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Fortunately, TwitchCon didn’t just stream the panel — they’ve kept it for all of us to watch. Starting at 4:50 in the video above, you can catch an amazing, productive conversation about how we can do better for our communities, large or small. So give it a watch, and share it with the streamers you know who care about making their communities better, safer places for everyone.

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