Need a Breather? These Game Trailers Might Help

The Gardens Between looks like it’s going to be a lovely game when it arrives in 2018. It promises both aesthetic appeal and a story about friendship, childhood and growing up–two points in its favor.

But for right now, with the game still months away, its marketing is pretty great on its own. Particularly if you want to take a moment to breathe.

The Voxel Agents, creators of The Gardens Between, teamed up with ambient musician Tim Shiel to produce this trio of trailers a little while back. Together, they make up a full-length album of soft, gentle music and visuals.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself in need of an extra-long break now and then at the moment. This is a good one.

For more on The Gardens Between, visit The Voxel Agents.

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