Discover How Geeky Hobbies and the Mental Health Profession Combine in Our PAX Unplugged Panel

At Take This, we work with a lot of amazing mental health professionals. We know they can be fascinating, multi-faceted geeks and gamers, and we want to show that side of the profession to the world.

For PAX Unplugged, our clinical director, Dr. B, moderated a panel for just that purpose. Trusting the Party’s Healer: Games, Gamers, & Therapy brought six mental health professionals to talk about mental health, their geeky pursuits, and the ways they’ve brought the two together to build careers.

G33ks Like Us was kind enough to film the panel, so you can watch it above. Listen in as Raffael Boccamazzo, Adam Davis, Adam Johns, Stephen Kuniak, Abra E. Kuniak, and Megan Connell talk about the ways geeky hobbies are changing the mental health field.

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