Going to MAGFest? Help Us Help Other Attendees By Volunteering at the AFK Room or Booth of Hope

Photo by Anthony Delanoix

MAGFest is almost here. From January 4-7, we’ll be in National Harbor, MD, bringing the AFK Room to the show for the first time.

Take This and the AFK Room are things many attendees have come to rely on as a part of the con experience at many major cons. The AFK Room helps them keep or regain their sense of calm during this long, busy weekend, and the Booth of Hope offers mental health resources, answers questions about the organization, and accepts donations. We rely on our volunteers to make the AFK Room and our Booth of Hope happen!

If you’re attending MAGFest or you’ll be in National Harbour, MD over that four day period, let us know if you’d like to volunteer by filling out this form.

MAGFest is a 24-hour a day event, four full days dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community. It’s going to be a blast, and it’s also going to be exhausting for a lot of attendees. We’ll need lots of volunteers, so we hope you can help or share with someone who can.

Thanks for your support! We couldn’t do it alone.

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