Support Take This on Patreon To Help Us Create Hope

We’ve launched a Patreon to help fund Take This – and we need your support and your help spreading the word!

Since 2014, Take This has provided AFK rooms that are staffed with Psychomancers and stuffed with hope.

Trained in the art of mental health first aid, Psychomancers create safe, welcoming spaces for people dealing with mental health issues, and can help guide people in distress to the help they need.

Between training, insuring, flying, lodging, and feeding our Psychomancers, and creating all the magic necessary to sustain their efforts, Take This spends over $70,000 each year to help thousands of people dealing with mental health issues at conventions all over the world, in addition to creating online resources and working with the developer community to improve mental health.

Everyone who supports Take This in any way, large or small, is part of a growing movement of people who know that there is no shame in coping with mental health issues, that reaching out for help is a sign of great bravery, and that this industry and this hobby are better when we’re all here to support one another.

Visit Patreon to learn more about the project and join our adventuring party. It’s dangerous to go alone, so let’s all go together.

Help us give hope at events around the world. Support Take This on Patreon!