Thanks To Our Patrons

Each month, our Patrons help us bring hope to people around the world with the Psychomancer Project. Trained in the art of mental health first aid, Psychomancers create safe, welcoming spaces at conventions and events for people dealing with mental health issues, and can help guide people in distress to the help they need.

We couldn't do it without the help of all our wonderful Patrons, so our thanks to every last one of you! And an extra shout out to all of you below -- thank you for tanking (and healing, and magicking) this project:

Alchemists, Druids, Healers, Wizards and Paladins

Adrian F.
Amber R.
Anonymous Patron
Chris C.
Christina R.
David G.
Deborah J.
Eric C.
Ginger S.
James P.
Jason S.
Matt F.
Matthew L.
Michael P.
Nathanael F.
Nicholas T.
Patricia L.
Ray S.
Ruth D.
Tamar G.
Tatjana V.
Trevor S.
What's Good Games
William P.


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