Weekly INT Boost – A Link to the Future

Welcome to our roundup of the best games you may have missed. This week, we have a look at the future of Discord, thoughts about Nioh and Wolfenstein II, and more.

Hellblade wins ‘games for impact’ at The Game Awards for depicting mental illness

“Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice won the “Games for Impact” award tonight at The Game Awards. The PlayStation 4/PC game is an unflinching portrait of mental illness, as it depicts a terrifying warrior’s journey into the depths of the Norse underworld — and into madness itself.”

VentureBeat reports on Hellblade’s big win last night. The game also took home Best Audio Design, and first-time voice actor Melina Juergens won Best Performance for her portrayal of Senua.

Nioh is giving me impostor syndrome

“The eerily robotic praise of the characters surrounding between Nioh’s missions gives me no respite. Its blatant falseness primes me with paranoia that never pays off or lets up. It preys on my own very real anxieties—that even my best efforts are merely mediocre, and that I’ve only ever benefited from a game that’s rigged to make someone who looks like me feel good about himself.”

Writing for ZAM, Steven Strom reflects on a power fantasy gone wrong in Nioh.

As Discord nears 100 million users, safety concerns are heard

“Over the past six months, we have worked to ensure that the average response time for someone writing to our trust and safety team is less than 24 hours, usually significantly less,” Resmini said. “We work closely with our community to address any report of anyone breaking our terms of service or community guidelines and take swift and appropriate action. Our team continues to grow as our user base does and our commitment to keeping Discord a positive place for gamers to connect is unwavering.”

Discord has exploded in popularity, so Eros Resmini, Discord’s chief marketing officer, sat down with Polygon to talk about how the company is dealing with the harassment issues that come along with success.

The pain is in the remembering

“B.J. is a man trapped by his past, stuck between a world of ghosts and flesh. Everything before he met Anya is dead and gone. Everything after seems out of reach. He lives in a world in which he can’t imagine a happy ending. His only desire is to keep it together long enough to try to secure some manner of peace and security for Anya and his unborn children. Personal hope cannot exist.”

Over at Unwinnable, Jason McMaster talks about trauma in his own life and in William “B. J.” Blazkowicz’s story.

Google search enhances featured snippets and knowledge panel, includes PTSD screening quiz

“Google is also adding a clinically validated screening questionnaire to help you learn the symptoms of PTSD. The questions will be available in the form of a Knowledge Panel once you search for “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” or “PTSD” from your smartphone in the US. Furthermore, Google has partnered with the National Alliance on Metal Illness and the National Center for PTSD to help you primarily get all the important information about the disease in a handy way.”

Following its inclusion of depression screening in search results, Google is adding PTSD screening.

Until next week, friends. Take care of yourselves — and each other.

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