‘Where Thoughts Go’ Will Let Us Share Our Secrets In VR

Developer Lucas Rizzotto is creating a space for us to share our thoughts with the universe. Where Thoughts Go is an intimate social VR space, but not of the sort that we’re used to. It is a world full of sleeping creatures, floating orbs that can be woken with a touch. Each one contains the thoughts of another real, live human being.

When you come to the world of Where Thoughts Go, you’ll be asked introspective, personal questions. Your answers are anonymous, but they aren’t private — they’re floated out for other users to discover. In that way, Rizzotto hopes to better connect us to one another.

“I don’t like the state of social media today and how it doesn’t concern itself with the mental and long-term emotional well being of people. I also think that most of conflict in the world comes down to lack of mutual understanding,” said Rizzotto in an interview with VentureBeat. “So I decided to create something that fixed all those problems and gave people a way to be introspective, thoughtful and emotionally connected in VR, allowing them to explore perspectives while also blending my passions of interactive media, music, storytelling in an unique way.”

He’s also prepared for the other side of humanity. “You can still be toxic if you feel compelled to and your actions still fit the narrative (i.e. this is who you decided to be in this world) — but it’ll be the equivalent of screaming at the void. We block out toxic content through a mix of automated as well as manual systems.”

Rizzotto plans to release Where Thoughts Go in early 2018. Platforms have yet to be announced.

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