Anamorphine Gets New Details (and a Delay)

Content notice: Video includes potential spoilers for Anamorphine.

If, like us, you’ve been looking forward to Anamorphine for months now, be prepared to be patient: the game recently slipped past its mid-January release date. Its developers at Artifact 5 announced that the game needs “a few final weeks” of polish, and that it will be out in the next few months — the new target is late Q1, which wraps up at the end of March. Hopefully, this extra time will give the team the time they need to release the game they envisioned without pushing themselves too hard.

To whet our appetites during this lengthy lead-up to release, Artifact 5 has released an insider’s look at the game, walking us through the concept and early exploration we can expect. Through its environments and visual metaphor, Anamorphine tells the story of Tyler, a man struggling with guilt after an accident that leaves his wife, Elena, unable to continue her music career. It charts his mental health as he feels helpless in the face of Elena’s own depression.

Mental health issues can be a major challenge for relationships — something many of us have experienced from one side, or both. It will be interesting to see how Anamorphine portrays those challenges, not only for Tyler, but for Elena.

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