Dragon Talk Delves Into RPG Research and RPG Therapy

Watch Dragon Talk: RPG Research 1/22/18 from dnd on www.twitch.tv

Earlier this week, Hawke Robinson and John Welker from RPG Research visited Wizards of the Coast’s Dragon Talk. Robinson and Welker are incredibly busy people in the RPG world, offering recreational therapy programs using tabletop RPGs, working to make the gaming community more accessible, educating new generations of therapists and dungeon masters, and a lot more.

They talk about all their many projects with hosts Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito, sharing thoughts on everything from the history of RPG research to their plans for travelling, wheelchair-accessible RPG trailers. It’s a fantastic watch, especially if you’re interested in how RPG-based therapy is growing as a discipline.

To get straight to the interview, skip ahead to 16:55 in the video above.

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