An Expert Weighs in on Binge Gaming

The phrase “binge gaming” has bad connotations — it suggests unhealthy overindulgence and a lack of control. But is it really so bad to spend a bunch of hours playing a game?

That’s the topic of the most recent episode of Forbes Overworld. Hosts Satchell Drakes and Matt Perez talk to Pamela Rutledge, Ph.D., director of the Media Psychology Research Center about binge watching, binge gaming, and whether any of it is necessarily as unhealthy as it sounds.

Everyone has their own particular gaming habits. Maybe one person spends hours upon hours in a single game while another zips through shorter indie and mobile fare. And maybe someone goes through their endless game library checking how long each game is and calculating the optimal path to work through the mountain in the most efficient way possible — but then just ends up playing two games of Rocket League.

Listen at Forbes or on iTunes.

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