First Episodes of CheckPoint Series Introduce Mental Health and Therapy

The wait is over: the CheckPoint Series is here. Our friends at CheckPoint, led by Dr. Jennifer Hazel, have released the first episodes of a web series that covers mental health and its impact in the video game industry.

CheckPoint is an Australian non-profit that advocates for mental health in the video game industry, much like Take This®. Our Australian supporters will also know them as the wonderful people who powered the Take This® AFK Room at PAX Aus in 2017.

In this first episode, Dr. Hazel shares some basics about mental health, and helps make sense of a few of the many types of therapy available to anyone looking for professional support. She’s joined by industry luminaries like Ken Levine and Teddy Dief, who talk about their own experiences with therapy. The second episode looks at clinical research about gaming.

Check out the episode above, and be sure to subscribe to CheckPoint if you’d like to see more.

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