Four Panels You Won’t Want to Miss at PAX East 2018

PAX East is almost here, and Team Take This is getting ready for a great show. We’ll be bringing the AFK Room, our trained team of Psychomancers, and the Booth of Hope — and we’re also bringing a ton of new panels.

For more details about the AFK Room and Booth of Hope, keep an eye on Twitter:

AFK Room (Level 2, East) Hours
Thursday, April 5th: 11am to 7pm
Friday, April 6th: 11am to 7pm
Saturday, April 7th: 11am to 7pm
Sunday, April 8th: 11am to 6pm

Booth of Hope (Level 1, East) Hours
Thursday – Sunday: 10am to 6pm

As for the panels, here are the details you’ll need:

How to Network When You’re Awkward as H*ck

Thursday, April 5th | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM | Bumblebee Theatre

It’s advice you’ll get over and over again about breaking into the industry: network! It’s good advice and can certainly help your career, but many of us would rather chew glass than walk up to a stranger and start talking. This panel will offer practical advice from industry vets on how to network when you’re not naturally outgoing, as well as insight on why some people always seem comfortable in a crowd and some don’t, no matter what.


  • Susan Arendt (Editor in Chief, GeniiOnline)
  • Brittney Brombacher (Whiskey Lover, What’s Good Games)
  • Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo (Clinical Director, Take This)
  • Nick Locapo (Magician [no, really, he is], Penguin Magic)
  • Tanya DePass (Director & Founder, I Need Diverse Games)
  • Jacqui Collins (Marketing & Events Producer, Adult Swim)

Clinical Roll: When a Bunch of Geeky Therapists Play D&D

Friday, April 6th | 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM | Cuttlefish Theatre

What happens when a bunch of mental health professionals decide to publicly play D&D? Yes, obviously D&D, but behind the scenes they end up with rich discussions about mental health representation and incorporating gaming into mental health work. Join representatives from Geeks Like Us, Game to Grow, Superhero Therapy, and Take This for a discussion on mental health, gaming, and how, by their powers combined, geeky interests can be used to help others find inclusion, relief, and fun!


  • Megan Connell PsyD ABPP (Co-founder Geeks Like Us, and Psychologist, Geeks Like Us, Southeast Psych)
  • Ryan Kelly MA PhD (Co-founder Geeks Like Us, and Psychologist, Geeks Like Us, Southeast Psych)
  • Janina Scarlet PhD (CEO, Superhero Therapy)
  • Raffael Boccamazzo PhD (Clinical Director, Take This)
  • Adam Johns MA LMFT (Co-executive director, Game to Grow)
  • Adam Davis MEd (Co-executive director, Game to Grow)

We’re All Frauds! – Succeeding Through Self-Doubt

Saturday, April 7th | 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM | Bobcat Theatre

“We all have self-doubts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a partnered streamer, indie developer, concept artist, community manager, or AAA studio employee. When is it too much doubt, and what’s the difference between “imposter syndrome” and plain-old self-doubt? More importantly, how do you beat the doubt and continue to succeed? Join Take This and our panel of industry professionals, as we discuss their personal stories of doubt and triumph!”


  • Raffael Boccamazzo, PsyD (Clinical Director, Take This)
  • Kate Stark (Partnered Streamer, Twitch)
  • Andrien Gbinigie (Product Marketing Manager, Ubisoft)
  • Jacqui Collins (Marketing & Events Producer, Adult Swim Games)
  • Sarah LeBoeuf (Writer / Editor, Freelance)
  • Adam Rosenberg (Mashable, Weekend Editor & Senior Reporter)

Plot vs. Reality: Mental Health Representation in Games

Sunday, April 8th | 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM | Arachnid Theatre

We all want a good game story. Stories shape how we view our world and others in it. But how do we balance reality and story excitement, especially when it comes to something as important as mental health, especially given roughly 1-in-4 people receive a mental health diagnosis in their lifetime? Can we make a good mental health game without taking any artistic license? Join Take This for our panel of game developers and mental health experts as we tackle this complex topic.


  • Raffael Boccamazzo, PsyD (Clinical Director, Take This)
  • Kelli Dunlap, PsyD (Psychologist/Game Designer)
  • Leo Zullo (Managing Director, Wired Productions)
  • Zoë Quinn (Narrative Designer, Heart Machine)
  • Al Hibard (Product Manager, Wired Productions)
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