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Take Control of Your Time With These Scheduling Tips

Time management is a challenge for a lot of us. If you have ADHD, you’re probably dealing with a whole lot of executive function impairments that make time management a challenge — at best. Organization and time management can also be difficult for folks with autism spectrum disorder. When you’re depressed or dealing with chronic […]

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How Proteus Gave One Player Space Apart from His Drug Habit

Over at IndieHaven, Simon Rankin shares the story of how games lost their appeal while he was abusing habit-forming drugs, and how one game, Proteus, managed to hold his attention even so. Throughout the time I was using drugs I remained entirely functional, and I appeared to be in complete control to any casual observer, […]

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Keanu Reeves and Lily Collins Share a PSA for World Eating Disorders Action Day

Today is World Eating Disorders Action Day, a day to raise awareness, advocate for change, and dispose of stale myths. Myths like the idea that eating disorders are the sole provenance of young girls when 1 in 4 people coping with eating disorders are men, and middle-aged women are the fastest-growing segment of the population […]

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