How to Stream in Support of Take This

If you’re here to join one of our streaming fundraisers or to stream in support of Take This, thanks! We’re thrilled to have you join us, and we’ve got some tips for getting started:

First, visit the campaign page or our Tiltify page.

Click Campaign for Us or Start a Campaign.

You’ll need to register or log in, and you may need to confirm your email and click the campaign link again. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to set up your campaign as part of our fundraiser.

  • Make sure Take This is selected as your cause (1). If you’re streaming for a specific event, make sure it’s selected (2).
  • Select whether you’re campaigning individually or with other streamers as a team (3). Teams can be created on the Teams dashboard
  • Set a fundraising goal (4). This doesn’t need to be the maximum you hope to raise — a lower amount may be better. It’s more fun to smash a goal than to miss it, after all!
  • Give your campaign a name (5). This will be visible on Tiltify and our main fundraiser page, so have a good time with it.

  • Next up, add a description (6). You don’t have to use the default, you can describe your channel, the game you’re playing, why you’re fundraising for Take This — anything you want.
  • Give your campaign a thumbnail (7), like a user icon or your channel logo.
  • Pick a start time (8) — the time you’ll begin streaming and raising money for the campaign.
  • Pick an end time (9) — when you’ll be shutting your stream down and wrapping up the fundraising.

Finally, select the service you use for streaming (10) and your channel username or link (11).

(Tiltify has an overlay that can be used with OBS, XSplit and Wirecast.)

Don’t forget to click Save at the top of the page!

After you save your campaign’s basic information, you can add schedules of specific games or activities you plan to play at specific times; incentives like rewards, polls and challenges; and milestones — all optional. When your campaign is ready to promote, click Publish to make it official!

Once you have a published campaign page, you can share it and link to your followers or friends – make sure to let them know so they can watch your stream. After that, you’ll just need to show up and stream on your channel during the time you picked. Since you may have viewers coming in from different places, you might also want to let them know why you’re streaming, what Take This is, and where they can donate during the stream.

Thanks for streaming with us in support of the Take This mission. It’s dangerous to go alone, so it’s wonderful to have you along with us.