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‘Solo’ Will Help Us Meditate on Love Next Month

Team Gotham’s Solo is a game about love. Not a game about picking the perfect character to date, or a game about finding love in dire cirumstances — a game about love as a concept, and what it means to us. Solo was inspired by our beliefs and concerns about love experiences. As result of […]

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This Beautiful Short Explores Anxiety, Identity and Relationships

Anxiety can be a huge challenge in relationships, particularly when it keeps you from offering your partner the emotional support they need. This affects people of all sexual orientations, but there’s a host of reasons that anxiety can affect people in the LGBT community particularly, some of which come into play in this beautiful animated […]

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‘Solo’ Plans to Help Us Uncover Our Feelings About Love

Romance games are finally everywhere. If you’re so inclined, you can load up a visual novel and date anyone or anything. Ninjas. Demons. Pigeons. Cats. Games about love and relationships in real life are less common. They tend to be more reflective — like Cibele, Bientôt l’été, and soon, Solo. It will be an exploration […]

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