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This Disney Princess Illustration Series Advocates For Service Dogs

We’ve seen our share of Disney Princess reimaginings in our time — you know, what if Princesses were in your favorite video games? What if they were on The Simpsons? What if they lived in modern times? What if they were processed meat products? — but Arien Smith’s Disney Princess series is a little different. […]

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Therapy Dogs Visit Orlando to Help a Community Heal

As the people of Orlando try to rebuild their lives after last week’s tragic shooting at Pulse, the community has pulled together to help those affected. The Center, an organization that promotes and empowers the GLBT Community and its allies through information, education, advocacy and support, has been administrating a tragedy response program for victim […]

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New Bill Would Provide Service Dogs for Veterans with PTSD

Last week, Republicans introduced a bill with what has to be one of the best backronyms to ever reach Congress: PAWS – the Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers Act. But it’s not just a perfect name – it’s also a wonderful idea. The PAWS Act would provide funding and direction for a pilot program with the […]

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