Take This Motto: H.E.R.E


Since we founded Take This in 2012, Dr. Mark Kline, Susan Arendt and I have been operating under a loose understanding regarding how we do what we do, and why. But the more we grow, we’ve come to realize that we rarely take the time to spell out those understandings.

For us, the basis of Take This in certified clinical care and advice has meant that we take everything we do seriously and move cautiously to ensure we are always helping and never hurting. This sounds common-sense until you dig deeper into community-based mental health care efforts. Some are aimed at cathartic responses to pent-up issues, which, in some ways, can be helpful. But we believe these approaches and others can also be unintentionally harmful. And that’s why you will never see a “rant” or other type of cathartic therapy at Take This.

And that’s just one example of at least a half-dozen “unspoken” agreements between Take This founders about how we will approach the organization and its programs. Some of those agreements are only meaningful internally (Don’t leave the lights on in the storage room!), but others, we have come to realize, represent our promises to you. And it is those promises that, I believe, are encompassed in the four rules below.

So without further ado, I present: H.E.R.E. The motto and mantra of Take This, as represented in a handy mnemonic acronym. Enjoy!

HHope is healing. We believe the fastest way to healing for those experiencing mental health issues is the hope that things might get better. At TakeThis.Org and across all of our programs, we practice positive, judgement-free techniques to promote mental health and wellness. We believe in focusing on the happiness ahead, not the hardships behind. And our roots in clinical care help us ensure that whatever we are always helping and never hurting.

EEach person is unique. We do not endorse or espouse specific treatment options, because everyone is different and responds differently to different treatments. Take This will never attempt to convince you or sell you of the benefits of any treatment option. We encourage those dealing with mental health issues to work with a doctor or therapist to find the solution that works for you.


Respect your journey. We can arm you with valuable resources and advice for coping and seeking help, but the responsibility for your health and happiness ultimately belongs to you. This can feel overwhelming at times. Our goal is to make that journey easier. But you have to take the steps.


Every accomplishment is a victory. Remember to celebrate each step in your journey. Deciding to learn more. Seeking out advice and information. Reaching out to a friend, or caregiver. These are all positive steps, worth acknowledging.