Mental Health Questions Answered at Geek & Sundry

Photo credit: Josh Felise

This week, our very own Doctor B, Raffael Boccamazzo, answered questions for folks at Geek & Sundry. He covered some great topics: representation of mental illness in popular media, tricks for coping with anxiety, and what it’s like to seek out professional help.

He also managed to sneak in a few extremely geeky references.

During a lecture I attended, Jack Horner, a famous paleontologist and technical advisor for Jurassic Park, hypothesized that the T-Rex is an opportunistic scavenger instead of a hunter, and its anatomy indicates very limited dexterity, balance, and speed. While that’s fascinating, can you imagine Dr. Grant yelling, “Serpentine! Run serpentine!” at the kids in the movie only to have the T-Rex fall over and not get up? Boring!

We’ll be taking more questions from the community in months to come, so keep an eye out here and at Geek & Sundry if you have questions of your own that you’d like our experts to answer.

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