Wil Wheaton on the Lies Depression Tells Us

Wil Wheaton, beloved writer, actor and all around geek, has never been shy about sharing his own experiences with mental health issues. Here he is last year, talking about how he came to realize he was dealing with depression and how his life changed when he sought treatment:

Wheaton occasionally takes questions through his Tumblr. Last week, someone asked him about anti-depressants and how going on medication can feel like giving in:

I was just wondering, how did you feel when your doctor suggested going on anti-depressants? My therapist of several months suggested it to me today and while logically I know it’s probably a good idea, I can’t help but feel like I’m broken, you know? Like, I’m worse than I thought I was. Did you feel like this or know anyone who felt something similar?

His whole answer is well worth a read, so go check it out. Here’s a taste:

Or you go to your doctor because you’ve been feeling crummy and she runs some tests and she says, “Well, it turns out that you have diabetes, but you’re in luck! You can take some medicine, and it’ll treat it. You’ll probably have to take it for a long time, maybe even your whole life, but you’ll get well and feel better!”

Do you say, “No, I think I’ll just deal with it,” and continue suffering?

Probably not, right? Medication is an option you can explore with your doctor, one that can be part of a plan to help you overcome your issues. Getting help doesn’t mean you’re broken; it just means you’re ready to start healing.

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