The Toast Takes On Executive Function Disorder

Image credit: Catt Liu

The Toast is one of those rare sites that can make me laugh about almost anything: art history, feminism, linguistics and, blessedly, mental health issues.

Yesterday The Toast published >42 Steps to Conquering Executive Function Disorder (in 68 Steps) by Leslie Kendall Dye. Stop me if this sounds familiar, or better yet, go read the rest.

  1. Set goal: vacuum the living room.
  2. Vacuum. Did I say that already? Have you done it? I didn’t think so.
  3. Wait—don’t get ahead of yourself! Plug in vacuum cleaner and leave it in center of the living room. As a reminder.
  4. Check email. Sorry, check inbox—don’t open any emails.
  5. Decide which email to open. (You may need to turn on stereo for this.)
  6. Turn on stereo and insert CD.
  7. Play old recording of The Shadow.
  8. Imitate Lamont Cranston’s Shadow laugh.
  9. Grow confident enough to open emails.
  10. Pick one that doesn’t look scary.
  11. They all look scary. Go vacuum.


In only 57 more steps, Dye comes to a very comfortable place with conquering executive function disorder.

If you’re looking for a more serious take on the disorder, which is often associated with with autism or ADHD, you can find resources for improving executive function as an adult at the Neuro Assessment and Development Center blog.

[The Toast]
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