Our Complicated Relationships With Food Feature in This Upcoming Collaborative Game

Image credit: Jordan Sanchez

Kaitlin Tremblay has created some particularly horrifying games about things like eating disorders, justified fears and anxieties, and insomnia. Now she’s working on something new, and she’s looking for collaborators to help.

What Can I Get You? will be a collaborative Twine game about food, and–more importantly–our relationships with and around food.

So, I have a lot of complicated feelings about food. I have a lot of thoughts about food. So do a lot of other people. I’ve started realizing that food can be a lot more than just a massive trigger for me: it can be a way of connecting with people. It can be a way of sharing an experience with people. It can be a way of learning about people. Food has always been an alienating experience for me, and it wasn’t until meeting someone who loved food that it’s stopped being isolating and terrifying (well, kinda). And this is an experience that I think would be amazing to share via a game.

Because of this realization (it’s startling that it took me 28 years to recognize this), I approached Jon to make a game with me. About this exactly. About how different people feel about food. What they think about food. How they respond to food. How they connect with food, and as a consequence, with others over food.

And that’s also why we realized: we need other people. We want to hear how other people think about food, how they consume food and how people share themselves with food.

The game will take place in a diner, with stories being told and shared to pass the time. If you have a story about food that you want to tell, head to Tremblay’s website for the full submission criteria.

(That Monster Games via FemHype)

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