Dr. B Talks Therapeutic D&D on the Official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

flickr photo shared by jrladia under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo, Clinical Director for Take This, works with Aspiring Youth to run D&D sessions that help young people build social skills like communication, friendship, and understanding social nuances. Last week, the official Dungeons & Dragons Podcast invited him to talk about that program and the joys of D&D. If you have opinions about Lawful Evil characters, Chick tracts or rules lawyers, you absolutely have to give it a listen.

He also took the time to talk about Take This, the AFK Room, and the work we’re doing to bridge the worlds of gaming and mental health care, if you want to hear more about what we’re up to these days.

[The Dungeons & Dragons Podcast]
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