This Group Helps Koreans Appreciate Life By Roleplaying Death

Content warning: discussion of suicide.

Kill Me, Heal Me is a short documentary by MEL Films exploring mental health stigma in Korea. It features the Hyowon Healing Center in Seoul, which has an unorthodox approach to healing: it helps its clients imagine what it would be like to die.

The subject of the film, Taiyun, 35, talks about the challenges of dealing with mental health issues in a place where discussing them is often seen as shameful, and suicide is common. He visits the Hyowon Healing Center, where clients are given the chance to plan their own funerals, say goodbye to their loved ones, and close themselves into coffins. He also visits fortune tellers, cafes that commercialize the idea of mental health care, and a bridge designed to discourage suicide with hopeful messages.

[via The Atlantic]
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